Replication Workshop

Lecturer: Nicole Janz, Department of Sociology (Email)

This workshop will introduce students to the process of reproducing published work. Replicating other scholars’ work is an essential tool for becoming familiar with methods, learning to select suitable models, and getting a chance to publish early during their academic career. This replication workshop will therefore provide students with a deeper understanding of statistical modeling and professionalism in their field. With the right amount of value added, a replication study can be submitted to a journal, as has been done by several students in the past.

About the instructor: Nicole Janz is a Research Methods Associate at the Social Sciences Research Methods Centre. She co-founded the Political Science Replication Initiative (PSRI), which aims at providing guidelines for conducting replication studies in political science, she is an ambassador at the Center for Open Science, and publishes the Political Science Replication Blog. Nicole gave lectures about approaches to replication studies at UC Berkeley and the Royal Society. She published the article "Bringing the Gold Standard Into the Class Room: Replication in University Teaching" based on this workshop.

Dates and Format

The course starts Thursday Nov 5 5-7pm and takes place Thursdays throughout January 28. Each session consists of a short lecture and a hands-on practical session in which the TAs will help you with your project. Please read the full syllabus. Location: Location: Sociology Dep't, Seminar room (first floor).

Slides, handouts and materials

We work with a shared dropbox. This year, we will upload most of the class materials on a weekly basis to our OSF project page. You can also browse our archive of replication studies and class materials on Dataverse.



You can apply to become a participant here (Deadline for applications Oct 25, 2015 -- EXTENDED TO OCT 30).

What previous students said...

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Preparation for first session

Please bring a copy of the article(s) including the replication data set you would like to work on so we can discuss if it is suitable. A rough guideline:

  1. Pick a paper where the data set is available from the Journal’s webpage, the author’s webpage or a data verse. If you cannot locate its data and code, don’t choose it!
  2. To increase the probability that your paper will eventually be published, pick an article from a top journal.
  3. The article should have been published in 2010 or later.
  4. Your paper should use methods you can manage or learn.


Class Email-List and Dataverse

Write questions about code and methods to all students to get help more quickly using this email list. We will post our data, Rcode and papers on the Cambridge Replication Workshop Dataverse.

Teaching Assistants

Mao Mao, Department of Psychology (Email)
Kasia Doniec, Department of Sociology (Email)

Nicole blogs about data sharing

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